Company Profile

Landscape Art installs landscaping, irrigation and light construction for all types of commercial, institutional and governmental projects. Over the last eighteen years, we have focused primarily on high-end, architect-supervised, commercial projects. Our work includes award-winning commercial office complexes, neighborhood entries, common areas and parks, playgrounds, spray parks, roof gardens and landscape decorating for professional golf tournaments.

As a General Contractor, we construct parks, playgrounds and water features for developers, public entities and medical/institutional facilities. With our own forces, we install playgrounds and site furnishings, do light concrete work, install landscaping and irrigation systems. We utilize high-quality subcontractors for masonry, electrical work and other specialty items.

Landscape Art also has a stellar history as a subcontractor; having worked for a long list of local, national and international General Contractors. After twenty-five years as a subcontractor including literally hundreds of jobs, we have never received an “action letter”, never failed to complete a job, never been sued, never sued anyone and have never been removed from a bidder’s list.