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Bridgepoint Bible Church

Bridgepoint Bible Church Bridgepoint Bible Church Bridgepoint Bible Church Bridgepoint Bible Church Bridgepoint Bible Church


General Contractor
Landscape Art, Inc.

 Hoggatt, L.P.
 Monarch Pools

  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Stone Plaza
  • Fountain
  • Large Playground
  • Landscaping
  • Pathways
Contract Amount


Completion Date

May 2013

Project Narrative

Bridgepoint Bible Church is a thriving church on the west side of Houston.  They wanted to create an outdoor plaza with a fountain / baptismal pool.  They also wanted to improve the existing play area and create a new larger playground.

The project was constructed for Bridgepoint Bible Church with Tony Gregory, Karen Gregory and Mark Stewart as the owner's representatives.  Clark Condon Associates was the Landscape Architect and Beth Clark was the CCA representative.  Landscape Art was the General Contractor with Jason Ward as the project manager.  Hoggatt, L.P. and Monarch Pools were subcontractors, each contributing significantly to the project.

The project included installing a significant storm water drainage system to mitigate problems with standing water behind the church.  A large stone plaza was constructed between two existing buildings including a decorative fountain that can double as an outdoor baptismal.  The existing play area was enhanced and a large, three-level playground installed.  The landscaping concept was to provide a natural feel, so many trees and plants were included around and even within the playground areas.  Decomposed Granite pathways connect the various features and a state-of-the-art irrigation control system was installed to update the entire facility.

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