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East Aldine in North Houston Gets a Facelift

March 26, 2015 at 11:32am

If you’ve checked in at our blog and website lately, you’ve probably noticed a theme...we love working on public green spaces! Last month we featured the Ghirardi WaterSmart Park, which we worked on in conjunction with TBG Partners Inc. and the Texas Coastal Watershed Program. This month we’re happy to showcase a new community improvement project in the East Aldine District of Houston.

The East Aldine District knew that to improve their community, they needed to give their public areas a green makeover. The look of public spaces such as these are proven to have an impact on surrounding property values. When public spaces are improved and well-maintained, the entire neighborhood benefits. East Aldine decided to make a number of aesthetic enhancements, including creating many low-maintenance plantings and hardscape features; that’s where Landscape Art stepped up to help with the project.

Welcome to East Aldine!

The community features multiple intersections and esplanades, but they were mostly just eyesores and wasted space. The community decided that in order to reinvigorate the area, they needed to beautify the public spaces with new landscaping. The goal was to improve the curb appeal and make walking through the community much more enjoyable.

We installed decomposed granite covered garden beds filled with trees, brick path walking areas and edging plus a variety of ornamental grasses, blooming perennials and shrubs that are easy to maintain and can stand up to the Texas heat. All plantings are low-water use in order to conserve resources and keep the areas looking their best.

Trees increase the value of the community by helping to keep the air clean, provide habitat for wildlife, and improve the beauty of the esplanades.

The now clean, precise lines of the pavers combined with the soft beauty of the plantings provide an almost formal garden effect that completely changes the appearance of the area.

A variety of perennials, ornamental grasses and low growing shrubs create a welcoming and engaging scene for passersby.

We think you’ll agree that the changes are magnificent. These once-neglected spaces will now brighten the day of passersby and improve the overall perception of value of the neighborhood. We are always excited to be a part of projects that greatly improve the lives of those who live there! Visit our portfolio page for more photos of this project.

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