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Shell PGA Golf Tour Event, Houston Texas

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working on some very unique projects within our Houston community. The PGA Tour event held here in Houston is one of those projects and quite an affair. In 1992, Shell Oil became the title sponsor of the PGA Tour event. They knew they were going to need to put on a spectacular show in the landscape and immediately contacted Anita McCormick with Landscape Art to ask for help. 

Our first year’s work included decorating the sponsor tents and a small Shell “logo” made from real flowers perched behind the 14th tee box.  This project expanded into the construction of a decorative float on the pod at the 18th green.

Creating a floating planted display is both challenging and fun. As you can see here, we have to ferry all the materials out to the float. It's a good thing our crew are also good sailors! It's just these kinds of unique challenges we enjoy tackling in our landscape projects.

Each year, the event displays have become larger and more elaborate.  When the tournament moved to its current location at the Redstone Tournament course in 2006 the floral display was taken to a new level.   

The modest Shell floral “logo” that we constructed 14 years earlier became a twenty-foot masonry structure behind the tee box of the 18th hole.  This is now a permanent fixture that we installed. The pond float at the 18th green was increased to twenty-four feet in diameter and now includes a fountain spray ring around the float, as well as four re-designed Shell logos with bright yellow and red blooms beaming out from the foliage.

We’ve been so pleased to remained involved in the project over the last 22 years and are always excited to see our work featured on live television, in the pages of international publications such as Sports Illustrated, in print media such as the Houston Chronicle and in virtually all the promotional material for the tournament.

We are very proud of our association with the Shell Houston Open and hope that you will enjoy our handiwork whether at the tournament or on television. We hope you enjoy the event!

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Peaceful Rooftop Garden: M.D. Anderson, Houston, Texas

M.D. Anderson has been a valued client of Landscape Art's for more than ten years. Over that time period, we've completed dozens of projects at the medical complex. Some of our most interesting and rewarding projects have been the installation of their rooftop gardens.

In case you're not familiar with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, it is one of the premier cancer research and treatment centers both in the nation and the world. As part of The University of Texas, they have a mission to eliminate cancer in Texas, the nation, and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient care, research and prevention, and through education for undergraduate and graduate students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public. They are truly an outstanding organization that has made a huge difference in the lives of both cancer patients and their families.

As you can imagine, patients and families experience trying times while at the center. Creating a spaces where they can get some fresh air and a bit of relaxation was much needed. Our involvment included working on an outdoor plaza on the third floor of the building, as well as the rooftop garden on the eighth floor. The roof garden is a wonderful addition to the facility and has provided a scenic and calm space for patients as they manage their healing process. The garden includes trees, color plantings, a garden path and benches where patients and families can relax. The medical facility also uses this garden to complement therapies, hold support group meetings and also educational programs.

For the outdoor plaza on the third floor, we used a large crane to lift the super-sacs of soil and mulch needed for the planters. Because the eigth floor roof garden was so much higher up in the building, we were unable to use a crane for this project. That meant we had to manually cart all the soil, mulch, irrigation parts and plants through service elevators to the top. You can imagine how many trips that took! The results were very satisfying as patients and the families and friends are able to enjoy a little outdoor beauty during trying times. 

There can be many challenges when building a rooftop garden and special consideration has to be given to issues like water management, wind, plant selection and general maintenance when planning the design. But the payoff can be well worth it, especially for a facility like M.D. Anderson. There are many benefits to adding rooftop gardens to city buildings. They can help reduce carbon dioxide levels and improve air quality, especially in the summer. The rooftop garden can also help control temperature in the building by absorbing heat from the building and replacing it with cooler air.  Landscape plantings help reduce ambient temperature in urban environments and help catch rainwater. They also create habitat for wildlife. Research has shown that having plants and nature around you is good for your health and can aid the healing process.

While our work at M.D. Anderson and the Texas Medical Center is not as large or splashy as some of our other projects, it is always very satisfying. We're happy to know that our work there can help families and patients have a better experience.

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Playground Installation: Now THAT’S a slide!

Check out this amazing play center we installed at Bridgepoint Bible Church in Houston. What kid would not want to blow off some steam on that slide?! We put a lot of care into creating a fun and safe playground for the children of the church members. You can see photos of the rest of our installation landscape project at this location here. You can see more of our playground installations here.

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A Contemporary Landscape Installation: Bridgepoint Bible Church

We've been very busy here at Landscape Art this year and we're couldn't be happier. Here at our new LA blog, we'll be showcasing our current completed or ongoing projects to give our readers a better idea of the type and scale of projects we handle here in Houston and surrounding areas.

Our first project hightlight is the Bridgepoint Bible Church. This thriving church on the west side of Houston wanted to create an oudoor plaza with a fountain and water feature that also served as a baptismal pool.  They also wanted to improve the existing play area and create a new larger playground. The style of the church is very contemporary and so the landscape installation reflects this modern style.

Landscape Art Bridgepoint

The project included installing a significant storm water drainage system to mitigate problems with standing water behind the church.  An expansive stone plaza was constructed between two existing buildings including a decorative fountain that can double as an outdoor baptismal.  This area now serves as a welcoming site for members to gather and host events.

Landscape Art Bridepoint

As you can see, the landscaping and materials complement both the style and colors fo the building. Steel blues, gray and charcoal colors are reflected in the stone work and the plantings. The masses of beautiful blue Agapanthus and white crapemyrtles sofen the contemporary design. The cool color scheme of both the building materials and plantings creates a soothing peacful feel for the space. Despite lush look of the plantings, they are all low-maintenance and well-adapted to the Houston climate.

The existing play area was enhanced and a large, three-level playground installed.  The congregation's children now have a safe and incredibly fun playground in which to burn off some steam while their parents catch up with other members. The landscaping concept was to provide a natural feel, so many trees and plants were included around and even within the playground areas.  Decomposed Granite pathways connect the various features and a state-of-the-art irrigation control system was installed to update the entire facility. The layout and flow of the entire design perfectly envolopes the church building itself and creates a welcoming environment.

Landscape Art Bridgepoint

The project was constructed for Bridgepoint Bible Church with Tony Gregory, Karen Gregory and Mark Stewart as the owner's representatives.  Clark Condon Associates was the Landscape Architect and Beth Clark was the CCA representative.  Landscape Art was the General Contractor with Jason Ward as the project manager.  Hoggatt, L.P. and Monarch Pools were subcontractors, each contributing significantly to the project.

Please take a moment to view some of our other projects for institutions and organizations HERE. If yo'd like to receive our monthly E-newsletter with updates on our project work, you can sign up HERE.

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